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 EYP SLOVENIA – Evropski mladinski parlament Slovenije

EYP Slovenia is proud to publish the delegates call for  4th Regional Session – KOPER 2016 taking place in Koper, Slovenia from 26th to 29th May 2016.

Under the theme “Sailing into the future of Europe” participants will take a look over the rim of a teacup and discuss European leadership in global governance. The topics will address current environmental, social and economic challenges in various regions of the world and link them to European issues. Participants should be prepared to take a more holistic, interdependent and interconnected approach in their resolutions.

Delegates of the session are expected to arrive before 15:00 on May 26th and can depart after 16:30 on the 29th May.

The participation fee varies, depending if delegate will be sleeping at the hostel (40 EUR) or not (10 EUR). These will cover meals, materials during the session.

Selected delegations of the 4th RS of EYP Slovenia will have a chance to participate at the 2nd National Selection Conference of the European Youth Parliament Slovenia taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia in July 2016.


DO PONEDELJKA, 9. maja 2016 profesorica Lorena Štemberger na e-naslovu:

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